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 Rolek Retirement Strategies Retirement Course instructed by Kyle Rolek











This expanded section addresses the crucial decisions people must

make about their retirement plans when they actually retire. In most

cases, these decisions cannot be reversed.We discuss strategies

that allow you to take money out of your retirement plans while

maintaining financial flexibility during retirement.Above all, we

compare retirement plan distribution choices to help you make an

informed decision.

You also learn strategies to minimize taxes on your retirement

income and avoid tax penalties of up to 50%. Finally, we explain rules

for early access to your retirement funds.






In the most extensive section of this course, you learn about cash

accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds,

individually managed accounts, tax-deferred annuities and important

considerations before you invest.The highlight of this section is 5

strategies for managing investment risks.




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This section addresses strategies designed to protect you from a large

financial loss prior to or during retirement.You learn what questions

to ask before buying insurance coverage.We investigate many aspects

of long-term health care including: the chances you will need it, how

much it can cost, who should purchase insurance and alternatives

to purchasing coverage.We also compare the different types of life

insurance and discuss how to select coverage so you and your family

can make an informed decision.

Most people

must make



about their


plans when

they retire.

In many

cases, these


cannot be








Estate planning isn’t just about money and includes much more than

planning for your death. It involves personal decisions that affect you,

your family and loved ones even while you are still living.As a result

of recent tax law changes, estate planning is a moving target.We

discuss how to plan for today and for your future.

You learn strategies and techniques to minimize or eliminate income,

gift and estate taxes, expenses, delays, legal challenges and a shortage

of liquid assets following your death.We also address the best way

to hold joint ownership of property (or other assets) based on your


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